The Mirasol Collection : Sulka Book 17

This is the book of Sulka recycled and rejuvenated garments and accessories for women and men. In this collection of 8 garments and accessories, 6 of them were available in the very first Mirasol book I did.

I wanted to show how easy it is to put your own individual feel to my patterns, so I have either made them a little longer or changed shades which is the most simple thing to do but creates the most difference. One of the reasons why I love knitting!


Sulka is a beautiful blend of the 60% merino wool, 20% alpaca and 20% silk, it is a chunky yarn so the combination of the weight and the fibres make it an easy, enjoyable yarn to knit and lovely to feel snugly in.  Some of the originals were photographed on a woman but in this book I have photographed them on a man to show how they good look on both.